Erika Hoffmaster, RD

Nutrition & Wellness

About Me

I do take what I put in my body seriously but I don’t let it control my life, nor should you. 
I love to help others make sense of the complicated, confusing and often contradictory information that is out there about nutrition and wellness.


Don’t let the Registered Dietitian title fool you… I’m human and I love french fries just as much as the next person. 

Hello, My Friend!

Eating should be balanced, simple, and fun! 

I teach a flexible eating approach that helps reframe the way you view food to give you the tools to meet your wellness goals without feeling deprived or restricted.

I’m not the food police!

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+ I still take the crust off of my bread like a 5 year old.  Yes, I eat bread!  
+ My love for skincare borderlines on obsession. 
+ I have to have french fries once a week. It's my non-negotiable.  And tacos.
+ I'm a California newbie.  I grew up and lived in Pennsylvania up until a few years ago.
+ I have three Nieces who I am madly in love with and adore.
+ I hate seafood and despise coconut.

+ I absolutely love stick figure people and when inanimate objects are given a face and stick figure arms and legs.

+ I hate jeans.  99% of the time you will find me in workout clothes.

+ I've driven across the country 7 times. I love road trips!

+ There is nothing more adorable than Baby Goats wearing pjs.

Fun Facts About Me

"Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself."

I Love helping men & women feel confident choosing foods that support their body and health, while keeping the foods they love.

I get to help people change their relationship with food.  It is life changing to finally have peace with food.  

I'm taking down the diet industry one day at a time!  after my clients gain a 100% understanding of food and know exactly what works for their own body, They can ignore all the BS out there.  My Clients gain confidence and power and the diet industry loses! 

What I love about my job

Lets work together!

I took a Nutrition course in my second year of college and fell in love. My professor was a Dietitian, and I was so excited to learn you could make a career out of a topic I now loved.

I was an athlete my whole life and was then playing on a collegiate level, so I loved learning how to fuel my body to improve my health and performance and knew I wanted to teach others to do the same.

When my school didn't offer this major, I decided to drop everything and transfer to a school that did, leading to the best decision I ever made.

I always knew I would one day start my own business, but honestly, it's been a difficult road. There were plenty of ups and downs.

I know what it can be like to feel stuck in a toxic environment, surrounded by relationships or work that don't align with the person you strive to be.

I finally left Pennsylvania and moved to Sunny California, away from situations that were not serving me well.

After driving across the country solo and entering California with the sun, beach, and LOTS of inner personal work, I was able to find myself and heal. Super cheesy, I know.

My Story

What does that have to do with Nutrition and Wellness? Everything.

I had the knowledge and did what I thought was "all the right things" to be healthy, and yet my body still broke down.

I was missing parts of the puzzle. It's never just about food. If it were, the Diet Industry wouldn't exist. 

It's about the balance of physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and professional aspects of our lives. ALL of this matters to reach a state of true well-being.

I'm determined to use my experiences for good and help others achieve their true potential and build the vibrant and healthy lives they deserve to live.