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Should You Detox Or Go On A Cleanse To Lose Weight?  

Should you Detox or go on a Cleanse to lose weight for summer? 

Real quick, here are the facts… 

Your body has a built-in cleansing system that is working 24 hours a day!  You have a liver and a set of kidneys and lungs, and skin that do this for you, FOR FREE!  We don’t give our bodies enough credit for all the amazing things it does.

So with that being said, my answer is NO… you do not need a Detox or Cleanse to lose weight. 


Let me be honest, this topic gets me SO fired up!

I get heated because the diet industry has created this environment where conflicting Nutrition messaging is so all over the place, and it can be so confusing and overwhelming for so many people.  

Because of that, they can pray on our emotions around our weight loss desires, to the point that extreme actions like a detox or cleanse sounds like a good idea!

Can anyone relate to this?


I want you to know that you are not alone and a Detox/Cleanse is not your answer.

I can assure you that the weight loss that can occur with these methods is temporary and not sustainable.  

And that’s because no real change has occurred!!

No true awareness of what your body actually needs to function at its best as occurred and no new habits or changes have happened that will last a lifetime.  


This is what I need you to do…

  • First, go to all your social media and “DETOX” from all those accounts you follow that promote these detoxes or cleanses!  Especially all those ridiculous Detox Tea accounts!  I honestly don’t care if you read the rest of this post if you go and do that now, seriously do it!
  • Secondly, if you are in a place where you are frustrated and thinking about starting a detox/cleanse, please send me a message and let’s talk.  I need you to know that there is a better way if you want to invest in yourself… and you deserve it!


Please share this with a friend who needs to hear this message. 

Comment below with your thoughts on this topic.  I would love to hear them!

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