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STOP Eating Things You Don’t Like!

If you are holding your nose to just to get down that trendy new ingredient, you bought to add to your smoothies, or you’re dreading taking a bite of that meal you prepared only because your favorite Instagrammer posted it on her feed, please stop!

Forcing yourself to consume foods because it’s trendy is no way to approach a healthy lifestyle.  

It is…

  • Not sustainable
  • Not necessary 
  • Definitely Not fun

I’ve discussed numerous times on my page (will repeat until you hate me) how there is no such thing as a “bad food” and there is equally not one food that will magically turn you into a rockstar fitness queen… even kale can’t do that! lol  

Some simple takeaways…  

  • Yes, some foods are more nutritionally dense than others
  • Yes, some foods have extremely low nutritional value
  • Yes, you can fit ALL of these foods into your diet

Life is too short to be gagging on Spirulina Tree Bark Smoothies filled with some rare fruit from some faraway land that takes up your entire food budget for the month.

I Would love to hear in the comments below a “trendy” food you have tried recently that was terrible!

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