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Nutrition & Wellness

Non-Scale Signs your Nutrition & Fitness Plan Are Working.

There is a lot to celebrate while on your health and wellness journey that goes beyond the number on your scale.  

Most of us have been in this scenario:  

You’re moving your body, fueling it properly, practicing self-care, feeling fantastic; you hop on a scale feeling like a total badass, look down at the number staring back you, and in a split second those feelings of strength and power go down the drain.

Girls! Stop letting a damn little machine and the number it provides stop you from celebrating your successes towards the energy, strength, body, life, etc. that you want!

I promise you there are more meaningful ways to measure your progress with your Nutrition and Fitness plan.  


Like these non-scale victories:

  • You are in a better mood 
  • You feel sexy and more confident
  • You are not feeling restricted or deprived
  • You have more energy 
  • You are sleeping better
  • You feel satisfied after eating 
  • Your clothes fit differently 
  • You feel stronger and have increased endurance 
  • You feel excited to workout 
  • You don’t need “cheat” meals/days


Find a Nutrition Coach, friend, significant other, etc. who will be there to celebrate those non-scale wins!  

And remember that your weight is not an indicator of your value or worth!

I would love to hear your non-scale wins in the comments below!

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